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ChainPay can offer Bitcoin Payment Services to all merchants at just 1% fee.

By removing third parties such as credit card processors, fraud and chargebacks our costs are lower. This means we can still provide enterprise grade services at great value to you.

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Make more Profit

Accepting Bitcoin with ChainPay means you get to keep 99% of your payment.

By adding ChainPay alongside your existing payment options, customers choosing to pay with Bitcoin generate you extra revenue!

Increase your Reach

Let international customers make payments quickly and easily using Bitcoin.

International customers save money paying with Bitcoin, avoiding conversion charges and choosing you over your competitors.

Reduce Abandonment

You can increase your conversion rates by adding a payment method that takes just seconds to complete, helping to boost sales.

Paying in Bitcoin takes just seconds, helping eliminate shopping cart abandonment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is ChainPay?

The software powering ChainPay is built on the Bitcoin Blockchain. This means transactions are confirmed by computers all round the world verifying correct and valid transactions.

Once we have accepted a payment as Confirmed, you are guaranteed to receive your invoice value.

What about fraud?

Although a common question, Bitcoins is actually very resilient to fraud. Being cryptographically secure, there is no way for someone to gain access to someone else’s coins without their permission or password.

This means no banking partner phoning to tell you they are taking back a recent payment. An all too common occurrence with traditional payment methods.

What rates do my customers receive?

You want your customers to receive the best possible rate. That’s why we have developed our internal pricing structure to be extremely competitive.

By partnering with trusted exchanges we are able to offer the best price for your customers Bitcoin across various different currencies.

This shows in our rates, often your customers will get a better deal buying through ChainPay than they will at their usual exchange.

I’m interested, but what is Bitcoin?

The best way to describe Bitcoin in a nutshell is “money securely held and sent via the internet”.

We’re so excited about Bitcoin payments we would love to tell you all about how accepting Bitcoin will benefit your business.

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