Magento Bitcoin Payments Extension Published

The newest eCommerce platform brought to Bitcoin payments by ChainPay is Magento.

The Magento Bitcoin extension is available via Magento Connect, and can power both Magento Community and Enterprise editions, which together power over 8000 of the 1 million most popular websites on the internet.

As always, the plugin is open source and available on the ChainPay GitHub repository.

Magento users can simply install the extension via Magento Connect, sign up to ChainPay and automatically add Bitcoin as a payment option for their customers. Bringing the benefits of lower payment processing fees, no chargebacks and of course access to the thriving loyal user base that is the Bitcoin community.

Remember all developer support for installing extensions is free, but with our video tutorial you’ll likely be up and running in around 10 minutes on most stores.

Read more about accepting Bitcoin with Magento.

If your running an Enterprise installation of Magento Bitcoin payments, we’re happy to discuss options for assistance during the development pipeline of bringing on a new payment model.

Comment and let us know how your experience with the plugin has been, this is a highly requested eCommerce platform so we are happy to welcome all our Magento users to ChainPay.

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