Feature packed Bitcoin Payment Processor

Full of features, easy to use

Pay Now Button

You can create a ‘Pay Now’ button to accept Bitcoin on your website in seconds without any shopping cart, exactly like a PayPal button (but cheaper)!

Bitcoin payment processor plugins

e-Commerce Plugins

Seamless integration with the webs most popular e-Commerce plugins and shopping carts.

Bitcoin Payment Processor portal

Management Portal

ChainPay Management Portal gives you 24/7 access to everything you need to support your business, including reports, control over your transactions and configuration of your account.

A powerful Bitcoin payment processor needs a powerful portal

Lets you manage, track and understand whats going on with your payments.

best bitcoin payment processor
Reporting functionality
Allows for easy reconciliation and business intelligence.

europe bitcoin payment processor

Easy management
User friendly and elegant design.
bitcoin payment processor uk
Get access to your money when you want it, with daily withdrawals available in Pounds, Euros and Dollars.


Revenue and payments tracked and graphed. Invoices easy to search and digest.

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ChainPay API

A robust API empowers you with all of ChainPay’s functionality, so you can create a bespoke integration that’s right for you.

Free sign-up

No risk, easy sign-up means you can get started within minutes.

Extensive Bitcoin Improvement Protocol (BIP) support

Cutting edge technologies mean that payments are safer and faster. Trust the best bitcoin payment processor in Europe.

Automatic volatility control

You can forget about Bitcoin volatility cutting your margins. We take care of any changes in price between payment and receipt.

Providing for a range of currencies
With 165 currencies supported, we give you the freedom of accepting the currency you need.
Robust architecture
No need to worry about payments not reaching your account. ChainPay is built with a robust and scalable architecture that can handle anything that is thrown at it.

Customer customization

ChainPay aims to make Bitcoin integration as easy as possible, with bespoke solutions for your needs. This is what makes ChainPay stand our as the best bitcoin payment processor.

Global compatibility with all Bitcoin wallets

A dedicated wallet is not required. Allows 2 million new customers a way to pay.

No fraud, no chargebacks

Transactions cannot be reversed by a third-party, securing your money against fraud and chargebacks.