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Less research, more development with our Bitcoin Payment API

Just how an API should feel, RESTful.

Act locally, work globally

No need to manage exchange rates or fees. Just create an Invoice for the total and it works anywhere, any when.

Open Source

All our libraries are open source. Get the latest on GitHub.

Develop once, run everywhere

We don’t impose any design restrictions, you are free to customize it as you see fit and it’s easy to use.

Need Help?
We’re always happy to offer support if you happen to have any doubts about anything.
Our Paid Plans offer technical expertise in debugging and providing integration advise.
Web Hooks Galore
Want to be notified about every little thing, or just the important events? We’ve got you covered with our reliable Web Hook implementation.

BIP73 Implemented
Thanks to BIP73 support, payments are secured with ChainPay’s Extended Verfication certificate, ensuring total security for you and your customers.

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Provide ultimate flexibility

Sure, everyone starts with Hello, World; but when you need the power and flexibility to invoice in one currency and settle in another, provide custom WebHook locations per Invoice, or any other numbers of features?

There only one place to get this level of flexibility in your Bitcoin Payment API, ChainPay.

Bitcoin Payment API with a huge feature set

Build small, plan big

Whether you want process 1 order a day or 1 million, ChainPay has the scale to match.

Built on a wealth of knowledge around traditional banking platforms, coupled with the flexibility of theBlockchain and the scalability of Windows Azure, our services are always up, always 200 OK.

Scalable Bitcoin Payment API

Got Docs?

Clear, concise and helpful documentation is what developers expect, and its exactly what we deliver.

Documentation is the lifeblood of an API, and we have plenty. Examples, reference docs, libraries.

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Bitcoin Payment API loaded with documentation and tutorials