Bitcoin eCommerce Integration

Learn how to add Bitcoin as a payment option.

When you have decided to accept Bitcoin for your business, the next step is to add Bitcoin as payment method so users can pay via ChainPay.

ChainPay offers easy to install plugins for popular eCommerce platforms, such as WordPress WooCommerce, Magento and BigCommerce. If you are an enterprise customer, our Bitcoin Payments API means you can easily add ChainPay with as much or little features as desired.

I use an 'off-the-shelf' eCommerce platform

ekmPowershop Partner

ekmPowershop has partnered with ChainPay to provide Bitcoin payment gateway services to your ekmPowershop store. ekmPowershop backs 1 in 5 online stores in the UK.

ekmPowershop with Bitcoin

Magento Extension

ChainPay provides a Magento module integrated alongside your existing payment methods, available from Magento Connect.

Magento and Bitcoin

BigCommerce Integration

Learn how the BigCommerce hosted solution can easily be enhanced to allow Bitcoin integration with ChainPay.

BigCommerce and Bitcoin

WooCommerce Plugin

ChainPay provides a WooCommerce plugin making integration of Bitcoin payments for your WooCommerce store a breeze.

WooCommerce Bitcoin Tutorial

I have an enterprise application

Custom Integration

When you are working on an enterprise level eCommerce platform, or you develop own eCommerce software in house. We know you appreciate being able to integrate directly with your partners.

ChainPay offers a comprehensive API for managing all areas of online payments, and even offers white labeling so the customer stays with you on the whole journey.

ChainPay API Details

We can offer trusted resource to deploy on or off site to help you integrate ChainPay and make Bitcoin payments a reality for your business and your customers.

Give us a call and we can discuss how best to support you in your integration, and create a custom ChainPay package just for you.

Enterprise Application

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