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No transaction fees, no turnover limit.

Exceptional services, exceptional support.

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Bitcoin merchant services from the lead Bitcoin payment processor in Europe.

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Support for 165 invoice currencies and a variety of payment methods connects you with customers from all over the world. ChainPay enables Bitcoin payments for the smallest merchant to the largest enterprises.

For your convenience, ChainPay offers remittance in a variety of currencies, GBP, EUR, USD.

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Work globally with ChainPay

Seamless Integration

By supporting the worlds most popular e-Commerce packages you receive a seamless integration experience.

Alternatively, use our robust API to integrate directly. It’s easy to add our Bitcoin payment gateway to any eCommerce website.

Seamless integration via bitcoin payment gateway API

Low Cost 1% Fee Structure

ChainPay charges a minimal 1% of your payment total, with no additional transaction charge.

You can keep more of your hard earned money by accepting Bitcoin with ChainPay

Bitcoin payment gateway with zero fees

Bespoke Support

The best plan for you is bespoke, like your business. We create custom plans with the right level of support for you.

Offering email and phone support, priority assistance, dedicated account managers and in-house development services.

We focus on supporting your Bitcoin payment gateway so you can focus on your business.

Accept bitcoin with our exceptionally well supported payment gateway

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"There really is no reason not to accept payment via Bitcoin. The only question is which payment gateway to use. ChainPay was an obvious choice for us. "

− Stewart Wilson - SWR Autodesign

"ChainPay is easily the best, most convenient and powerful payment solution for sites accepting Bitcoin out there"

− E-Liquid UK Store

"Why we chose to use Bitcoin? We love the idea of making P2P payments without having to go through a bank or clearing house."

− lanasllama.com